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During the 1990s a long civil war devastated Algeria - more than 150,000 people lost their lives in it. The Armed Islamic Groups went after the journalists, and assassinated dozens of them. They had also edicted a fatwah sentencing to death any non-Muslim foreigner who would be found on Algerian territory.
Horrendous massacres were committed, targeting civilians. It was then our campaign started, in 1997, in Algiers, of solidarity with the Algerian people, supported by 68 Nobel laureates (among them Norman Borlaug, José Ramos-Horta, Saül Bellow, Sir John Cornforth, Sir Aaron Klug, Ilya Prigogine, François Jacob, Maurice Wilkins, Arno Penzias...). This Campaign was widely relayed on the national radio and all of the printed media.

This Call was widely published in the Algerian media, and broadcast on the Algerian radio network.

Le Matin (April 13, 1998, cover page) : "58 Prix Nobel se prononcent contre l'intégrisme"
El Khabar (April 14, 1998): "Messagers de paix et Nobel"
El Watan (April 14, 1998) "58 Prix Nobel dénoncent le terrorisme en Algérie"
La Tribune (April 14, 1998) "des Nobel condamnent les carnages commis en Algérie"
El Moudjahid (April 15, 1998, cover page) "le combat de l'Algérie est exemplaire"
Liberté (April 15, 1998) "le geste des Messageries de la Paix"
Le Soir d'Algérie (April 15, 1998) "mettre fin à la désinformation"
Horizons (April 15, 1998) "58 Prix Nobel condamnent les actes de sauvagerie commis en Algérie"
El Moudjahid (April 16, 1998) "l'objectif est de lutter contre la désinformation sur l'Algérie"
Le Matin (April 16, 1998) "d'autres Nobel vont signer"
La Nouvelle République (April 16, 1998) "on se démarque de la désinformation"



We are human beings.

Horrified by the slaughters in the name of fundamentalism, we express our ultimate and universal reprobation concerning all acts of bloody savagery committed by the armed groups which terrorize Algeria. No political or religious speech, whatsoever, can ever legitimate the massacre of innocents, the murder of a child, the rape of a woman.

Mere scientists, researchers, and leaders devoted to the good of mankind, without any exclusion in terms of belonging and creeds, we want the whole people of Algeria to know about our deep emotion, and utter solidarity, facing the trials they live through. Aware of their daily courage, witnesses to the struggle of a people standing, surviving, and resisting noiselessly, we humbly affirm our heartfelt presence by their side.

Tell us what we can do for you, and how we can do it.

We are the members of the same human species. Let the will to live prevail, free and fearless !


Peace Nobels : Norman Borlaug (USA, 1970), le Dalai Lama (Tibet, 1989), Pdt Gorbachev (Russia, 1990), Mairead Maguire (Ireland, 1976), Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (Argentina, 1980), José Ramos-Horta (East-Timor, 1996), Desmond Tutu (South Africa, 1984), Elie Wiesel (USA, 1986), Betty Williams (Ireland, 1976)

Literature Nobels : Saül Bellow (USA, 1976), Claude Simon (France, 1985), Wole Soyinka (Nigeria, 1986)

Chemistry Nobels : Paul Boyer (USA, 1997), Herbert Brown (USA, 1979), Elias Corey (USA, 1990), Sir John W. Cornforth (UK, 1975), Paul Crutzen (Netherlands, 1995), Robert Curl (USA, 1996), Manfred Eigen (Germany, 1967), Richard Ernst (Switzerland, 1991), Ernst Otto Fischer (Germany, 1973), Herbert Hauptman (USA, 1985), Dudley Herschbach (USA, 1986), Roald Hoffmann (Poland, 1981), Robert Huber (Germany, 1988), Jerome Karle (USA, 1985), Sir Aaron Klug (Lithuania, 1982), Sir Harold Kroto (UK, 1996), Jean-Marie Lehn (France, 1987), William Lipscomb (USA, 1976), Rudolph Marcus (Canada, 1992), Max Perutz (Austria, 1962), John Polanyi (Canada, 1986), Ilya Prigogine (Russia, 1977), Jens Skou (Denmark, 1997), Henry Taube (Canada, 1983)

Medicine Nobels : Julius Axelrod (USA, 1970), Baruj Benacerraf (Venezuela, 1980), Stanley Cohen (USA, 1986), Jean Dausset (France, 1980), Christian de Duve (Belgium, 1974), Renato Dulbecco (Italy, 1975), Edmond Fischer (USA, 1992), Roger Guillemin (France, 1977), François Jacob (France, 1965), Arthur Kornberg (USA, 1959), Edwin Krebs (USA, 1992), Ed Lewis (USA, 1995), Cesar Milstein (Argentina, 1984), Daniel Nathans (USA, 1978), George Palade (Romania, 1974), Richard Roberts (UK, 1993), Philip Sharp (USA, 1993), Maurice Wilkins (UK, 1962), Rolf Zinkernagel (Switzerland, 1996)

Physics Nobels : Georg Bednorz (Germany, 1987), Nicolaas Bloembergen (Netherlands, 1981), Arthur Schawlow (USA, 1981), Steven Chu (USA, 1997), Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (France, 1997), Jerome Friedman (USA, 1990), Klaus von Klitzing (Germany, 1985), Arno Penzias (Germany, 1978), Heinrich Rohrer (Switzerland, 1986), Simon van der Meer (Netherlands, 1984)

Economics Nobels : Gérard Debreu (France, 1983), Franco Modigliani (Italy, 1985), Herbert Simon (USA, 1978)


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