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You will find hereafter our 2007 campaign for the release of Dr Al Shaer. We are now working on our Open the doors campaign about Gaza.

In 2006, when he was Minister of Education of the Palestinian Authority, Dr Al Shaer gave his support to our non-violent education program in the high schools of Palestinian territories. 


Communiqué calling for the release of Dr Al Shaer

"After the sweep of some thirty elected members of the Palestinian government and legislature in the West Bank by Israeli troops – among them the Minister of Education, Dr Nasreddin Al Shaer – as a « response » to the constant firing of kassams from Gaza, we ask for the immediate release of those detained. Such moves can only make things worse, and fuel the atrociously vain, deadly spiral of aggression and retaliation.

We also call for an immediate and permanent end to all kassam firing, and to all extra-judicial killings, as they so obviously feed each other with innocent lives of by-standers slain, maimed, and traumatized by countless hundreds.

'Mankind and human dignity, the personality of the individual, have to be taken as the starting point of any dialogue.' (President Pöttering of the European Parliament, at the Euro-Mediterranean assembly in Tunis, in March 2007)."


Co-signed by 22 Nobel Laureates :

Medicine: Günter Blobel, Arvid Carlsson, Christian de Duve, Richard Roberts, Roger Guillemin, Edmond Fischer, Craig Mello, Marshall Nirenberg, Baruj Benacerraf

Chemistry: Sir Harold Kroto, Yuan T. Lee, Elias Corey, Dudley Herschbach, Douglas Osheroff, John Polanyi, Jens Skou, John Fenn

Peace: Desmond Tutu, Betty Williams, Shirin Ebadi

Physics: Frank Wilczek

Literature: Wole Soyinka


18 Members of the European Parliament:

France: Alain Lipietz, Kader Arif, Françoise Castex 

Sweden: Anders Wijkman, Eva-Britt Svensson

Italy: Luisa Morgantini, Umberto Guidoni

Great-Britain: Sajjad Karim, Caroline Lucas, John Bowis

Belgium: Frieda Brepoels

Cyprus: Kyriacos Triantaphyllides

Finland: Piia-Noora Kauppi

Denmark: Margrete Auken

Lithuania: Justas Paleckis, Aloyzas Sakalas 

Portugal: Jamila Madeira

Spain : Willy Meyer-Pleite


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